Who are Dating Republic?

We have all heard that Online Dating is 'ok to do' now and we probably all know someone who knew someone who met someone Online - but really??

The fact is, unless you are prepared to go out and talk to random people at the bus stop, on a tube platform or in the coffee queue, how do you get the time or inclination to meet someone new. We are all too busy maintaining all the varying levels of friendships and relationships that are part of our lives every day. The rise of Facebook means we now have an average of around 200 'friends', which makes it even harder to focus on the relationships that matter, so finding a new one is just too tricky - at least without a bit of help!

That is where datingrepublic.com can help. We have over 100,000 single professional Londoners, all of who are looking to us to help them make those new connections. Don't think Dating Republic is being run by some overseas corporate who has no idea what it is like to be single and busy. Every one of the DR team, from the marketing bods, site techie geeks, customer care, and even the big bosses are (mostly) young professionals living and working in and around London.

So why not join the Republic now, completely FREE, and start finding your local matches.

Good luck out there!

The Dating Republic Team

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