Our dating life – part 3

Like you, some of us here at Datingrepublic.com HQ are single too. Dating and relationships are like getting on a rollercoaster – thrilling one minute, terrifying the next and ultimately full of ups and downs! We bring to you our dating highs and lows each week, hopefully providing you with a little amusement and advice every now and then! This week we hear from one of our female team members who went on a “Re-Date”.

The Re-Date

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of the ‘re-date’ let me explain how you find yourself in such ‘it’s complicated’ circumstances:

1. Several months ago you ‘winked’ at someone on Dating Republic.

2. After almost cancelling (you were shattered after that work drinks thing) you meet said person: sparks fly, cupid’s arrow strikes, and within about five minutes you’re inappropriately snogging them at a much too public London bar.

3. A blistering romance of late night red wine drinking, and last minute meet ups ensues. You leave a toothbrush at their flat.

4. There is some major screw up: someone cheats, shops around, or is still to be found on the dating site when you were all ready to do ‘meet the parents’.

5. Months of no man’s land pass, someone gets drunk and drops the other an out of the blue text.
Then you head for the re-date.

Now there can be a certain romance to re-dates. Mine kick started by recreating our second date: a trip to the Renoir theatre in Bloomsbury and a few cocktails.

Shakily meeting for a late afternoon coffee, Edward walked in. Immediate thunder heart pounds ensued. He looked good, a little weary around the eyes (from all our frantic late night texting?) but hot.

Fumbling for conversation we strolled the leafy streets of Bloomsbury and ordered the same drinks, as we had done months ago. Somewhere in my head I feel nostalgic.

We decided to watch ‘The Artist’, which yes, is brilliant. Romantic too: long lost lover’s, destiny, romance, tap dancing- all the good stuff. We feed each other popcorn.

Leaving the cinema we migrated to a cocktail bar. Despite the fact we were getting drinks in a converted public toilets- really- it felt like it should have been romantic, all red velvet seats and maraschino cherries.

Yet if I’m honest I felt a bit numb. Or maybe it’s that my head couldn’t concentrate fully on the romance because I was too busy wondering whether he was still in contact with that Rachel girl.

Nagging doubt in my tummy aside, our first re-date was a direct remake of our original second date i.e. I woke up this morning to use the tooth brush I’d left at Edward’s flat. Not brilliant. Decided the re-date was a stupid idea; and that it was about time that I winked at someone new…and began a whole new adventure.