A guide to online chat

Part of the beauty of online dating is the speed with which Members can go from being strangers to being ‘bosom buddies’, and the Instant Messaging system gives even more opportunity to really get things moving. And with more and more Members using the feature, we thought that we should give you our invaluable advice on Instant Messaging.

So here are out top five tips for chatting:

Be patient

If someone doesn’t reply to your message immediately don’t panic. They might be busy chatting with someone else or they might be doing something else on the site. The last thing they want is to come back to you to find a whole series of messages saying ‘Hi’ – ‘Hello, is anyone there?’ – ‘Are you GOING to talk to me?’ – ‘Well fine, be like that then!!!’. Rather annoying if they’ve only gone to make a cup of tea!!!

Avoid Controversy

You and your closest friends might well think that your joke about the Nun and the zebra in the sauna is the funniest thing since the dawn of time. But bear in mind that not everyone will share your sentiments and it might be an idea to leave such quips until you know someone a bit better and you’ve got a better idea of what THEY think is funny.

Consider your reputation

Word does tend to get around, so before you go ranting about someone else’s conduct or laying into them about a certain view they hold, just bear in mind that not everyone will share your point of view. If you act like an idiot in front of other Members then chances are they’ll tell people about it and your reputation will start to precede you.

Ask questions

As with the content of your messages, make sure you give the other person a reason to reply by asking leading questions that allow them to actually tell you something about themselves. And when you’re asked questions by others try and give an reply that doesn’t just answer the question but tells them something a bit more. In this way you should try to treat the situation exactly as a face-to face conversation and deviate onto whatever subject crops up.

Chat Etiquette

There are quite a number of conventions that are followed in instant messaging, but what is most important to remember is that you should respect other people’s boundaries. This means not immediately trying to exchange e-mail addresses or mobile numbers, moderating your use of potentially offensive language and complying to other Members’ requests to stop messaging.

So that’s our guide to chatting. The IM system is available on the site 24/7 so, why not get online and start honing your skills?!

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